Adventures are to the adventurous. Enjoy the fun-filled activities when you stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi.


First, all you hear is the purring of the engine. And then, as your eyes search for the source of the sound, along zips the speed boat. Here, momentum is your friend, speed is your ally, and the rush of adrenaline is your reward. Don’t miss the chance to rev the engines up and whizz through the tranquil lake on speedboats during your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi.


One of the most trending water sports, stand up paddling evokes a sense of enthusiasm, unlike stand up paddleboarding. It’s suitable for virtually any water ecosystem, from the open ocean to quiet lakes, and bays. This makes Ashtamudi one of the most suitable locations for this sport. Don’t miss a unique chance to try your hand at this water sport during your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi.


Paddle away from the stress and strain of deadlines and mundane everyday life by Kayaking at The Raviz Ashtamudi. Hit the water, glide along the pristine cool waters and make every moment of the stay at this amazing resort rewarding. The rush of adrenaline you feel, the calm and the peace will be a welcome change from your daily life. Try it to know the difference.


Your vacation to The Raviz Ashtamudi is incomplete without a ride on the Banana boat. In addition to being entertained, this water sport strengthens your muscles, burns calories and improves your cardiovascular system. The Raviz Ashtamudi offers a once in a lifetime opportunity at adrenaline rush with a high-speed ride through the waves with the Banana Boats.


Pedal your way to relaxation during your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi. The Ashtamudi lake that skirts the property offers you the perfect way to bond with your companion. Paddle away to happiness with the pedal boating available at The Raviz Ashtamudi. We guarantee you that it is a safe way to venture into the quiet neighborhood around the resort.


Archery is fun. If you hit the bulls-eye at the first go, excellent! Have another go. However, don’t let the buck shots deter you. Aim with your bow and arrow in these fun archery games and try to hit all the targets during your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi. This is a great way to spend time during the stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi. .


It is all about the rhythm, the patience, and the stance. Playing billiards feels fantastic once you get into a rhythm. With strategy, agility and tons of precision, you can pot all the shots. If you know the rules of the game, come try your luck at the billiards table at The Raviz Ashtamudi. And Billiards, for long has been a game over which you bond and discuss strategies. Try your hand


Table tennis invokes unlimited fun. You have to be on your toes, and quick in your reflexes – and it is relaxing too! Challenge your friends to a game during your visit to The Raviz Ashtamudi. This is one game that will help you work up a sweat. Doubles or singles, it is an ideal way to bond with your colleagues and friends too!


Well known as one of the most fun games, basketball, is a decades-old shoot-out which is a sure-fire way to engage the kids and grown-ups on your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi. Pair up and form two teams. Challenge your friends or family and see who wins. It is a quick and easy way to spend some quality time together.


Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court. It’s fun and enthusiastic. Would you win? Do you have it in you to challenge your pals and enjoy the game too? Try your shots at The Raviz Ashtamudi.


Be it doubles or single – it needs stamina, intelligence, and technique. Find a partner, and play. Try out our facility for an awesome game. You can also introduce your kids to this wonderful game during your stay at The Raviz Ashtamudi.