Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

Over the last decade or two, India has been witnessing a mindset change among the younger generation who want to break away from the traditional big, fat Indian wedding and wanting to go for something simpler and idyllic. Nowadays, if given the choice, most couples want to go away to some exotic place for their wedding– also known as ‘destination wedding’.

After all, it’s their special day, and they should spend it with the people who are most important to them – their respective families and close friends. People no longer want the entire neighborhood along with all the office colleagues and business partners to be part of their private celebration of love. However, that being said, arranging a destination wedding can appear a little daunting at first, but then there are always solutions to everything! While you are still procrastinating, here are some great reasons why you should take your wedding away from home turf.

A destination wedding is a wedding that’s 100km away from home –this means you can marry anywhere in the world!

Most large resorts offer free wedding planning options with room for customization. This way, you get to save on wedding planner expenses, and get to enjoy a free ‘in-house’ wedding planner at whichever resort or hotel you are planning to put up at.

You get to save on elaborate décor as the natural exotic location of your destination will provide a stunning enough setting – be it a beach, a manicured garden or an exotic backwater cruise in a houseboat! All you will need is some floral arrangements to give a finishing touch.

Destination weddings are a great way to cut down on long guest lists – as not everyone will have the time for long-distance travel and a stay-over. And if your colleagues or second and third generation cousins get miffed, you can always throw a post-wedding party for them at your convenience.

Destination weddings give friends and family quality time together to connect and re-build bonds as they have fun in a new locale. Since destination weddings are usually a weekend affair, you get plenty of time to build memories with them. You can even get discounts on rooms and flight tickets for your guests when doing group bookings – as most businesses are happy with extra customers. And just think of it, you have also given your dear ones a great fun-filled vacation!

You also get to start your honeymoon early as post-wedding, there is no rushing off and travelling all tired out to a new destination – as you are already at your dream destination!