Lake Side View of Raviz Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi Lake with its meandering waterways is the most-visited backwaters and lake in Kerala. It is fed by 8 creeks and that’s what gives the lake its name in the local language. Located in Kollam, this scenic lake is the entry point into the best backwaters route in Kerala and goes all the way to Alappuzha.

It beckons you to take a break and come delve into the invigorating sights and sounds of Mother Nature surrounding this magnificent lake. Go for a day cruise through its placid waters to discover its true soul as you cruise by dense greenery covered by a lush canopy of coconut grooves with intriguing peeks at rustic village life. Enjoy the innocent smiles of village children waving as you glide by on the smooth sun-dappled water channels of the lake.

Come get enticed by the numerous mysterious islands dotting this lake, many of which are uninhabited. Munroe Island is the biggest inhabited island here and is made up of a collection of small islands. Your oarsman might even take you for a closer look at the lush mangroves and exotic biodiversity on these islands.

Other interesting activities include fishing, canoe trips, houseboat cruises, watching the humongous Chinese net-fishing or coir-retting and coir-making. For the avid birdwatchers, there are numerous migratory as well as local water birds inhabiting this area. And if you are visiting during the Onam festival, you can enjoy the famous and exhilarating snake boat races.

Numerous lake-side resorts have come up by the banks of this magical lake to accommodate the increasing number of tourists drawn to this natural beauty. With Kollam city being located on the banks of this lake also, it is very easy to find classy hotels offering all the best of amenities along with awesome ringside views of these shimmering waters.

Located a short drive into the city is The Raviz Resort & Spa; this palatial resort is architected in an interesting blend of the traditional Nalukketu Kerala style as well as contemporary styles to suit all preferences. Take a welcome break from the daily grind of life at this idyllic retreat that takes you back into the soothing arms of nature. Classified as one of the best resorts in Kerala, The Raviz offers breathtaking views of the lake from every room. The multi-cuisine restaurants here offer a variety of authentic Kerala cuisine aside from continental fare.

Getting to Kollam is easy too as the nearest airport is just 71km away in Trivandrum while the railway station is 5km away.