Beach Wedding - The Raviz

Marriages are a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to be made as memorable as possible. Gone are the age-old beliefs that marriages need to be conducted in the church or temple. The true spiritual union and coming together of two hearts can take place anywhere; all it needs is the willing couple, close family, well-wishers and blessings of the almighty above.

Currently, destinations weddings are the in-thing. With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, they work out very well as most people don’t have the time to go through long-drawn-out wedding proceedings with a thousand guests. Having to fly off to a honeymoon destination after getting worn out from the planning and execution of the wedding doesn’t seem fair either. All these reasons and more make it convenient to have smaller weddings conducted in places far away from home with only loving friends and family in attendance.

Beach weddings are one of the best ways to celebrate marriage; the wide, open spaces represent freedom, the golden sands represent timelessness and the endlessly rolling waves represent a constant renewal of the vows taken….a perfect representation of all that goes into the making of an ideal marriage. All this brings the scenic beaches of Kerala to mind. The aura of serenity and calm that go with Kerala’s sun-kissed beaches forms the perfect background for that special moment when you say ‘I do’.

There are a plethora of magnificent beaches to choose from in Kerala, but the Kollam Beach stands out. The azure colors of the Arabian Sea when paired up with the silhouettes of swaying coconut trees and the golden sands provide an idyllic setting for your special day. You could stay over at the nearby The Raviz Resorts & Spa which is located on the banks of the immense Ashtamudi Lake. This classy hotel offers superb rooms facing this scenic lake as well as multi-cuisine restaurants suitable for all palates. What’s more, this hotel even features a number of artfully-designed honeymoon suites so you don’t have to travel any further after your wedding, but simply stay put and enjoy the numerous surrounding attractions!

The well-trained staff of the Raviz is highly experienced in organizing outdoor weddings and would be honored to organize a beach wedding for you too. All you need do is inform them of your specific requirements and they will organize everything for you, right from car parking, accommodation, venue decoration, flowers, foods, music and even the priest!

Getting to Kollam is very easy too as its just 71km away from Trivandrum airport and 5km from the nearest railway station.