Common Mistakes to Avoid while Booking your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the most important holiday of a lifetime and you need to give it due importance. Just as you are dedicating a lot of time on planning your elaborate marriage, you should plan your honeymoon in the same manner too. What happens with most people is that in the process of planning the wedding, the honeymoon ends up taking a backseat, making your first vacation as a ‘Mr & Mrs’ a little goofed-up!

To avoid messing up this special occasion, you need to have a checklist to avoid making some common mistakes.

  • You need to take out the time and do sufficient research before booking your honeymoon hotel. Check for the customer reviews on the hotel website or write to the hotel to clarify any doubts. After all, you wouldn’t want a sub-standard hotel to spoil your honeymoon!
  • When making bookings, you will obviously be pretty excited about your impending marital status – don’t go overboard and book in your new surname-to-be as your passport will still be in your maiden name and as changing surnames is a long drawn out process, it’s better than your bookings are all made in your maiden name.
  • You need to advertise that you will be on your honeymoon, and you will be surprised at the number of sweet perks that the hospitality industry offers to make your honeymoon special! Mentioning it to your flight attendant might also get you special treatment like complimentary wine, chocolates or spas.
  • Make sure you do your bookings well in advance to avail the dates of your choice – or you just might end up spending extra if you are booking at the last minute. If you plan to travel within your destination country, make sure you finish booking those dates also in advance.
  • Try to book on a flight with refund policy just in case there is any glitch in the plans – you wouldn’t want to lose out on all that money, would you!
  • If your honeymoon vacation is going to be short, then plan on a location that’s not too far away as you wouldn’t want to spend most of the time on the plane!
  • Plan on leaving at least a day after your wedding as you would be too tired after the wedding ceremony to enjoy the trip.
  • Don’t leave the packing to the last minute but have your suitcase packed and ready for your flight out before the wedding – as you might be too tired post-wedding.
  • Set a budget and stick to it so you don’t overspend. Also, always keep some money aside for emergencies.