Engagement Party Ideas in India

An engagement is that beautiful phase in life when you make an open declaration to the world of your intended life-partner. It is a promise you make publicly and precedes the lifelong companionship to follow in an equally beautiful wedding.

As this is the first step towards your starting a new life with your intended life-partner, you want to create beautiful memories on this romantic occasion; memories of love and warmth that you will cherish for a lifetime. And what better way to create memories than with an unforgettable engagement party.

One of the best ideas for an engagement party would be somewhere a little away from home so you don’t have to invite the typical thousand well-wishers and extended family members. A little exclusivity is called for here. The best idea would be to hire a resort in a scenic location. Since beaches have become too common as venues, think out of the box and go for something different!

An engagement party at an exclusive resort set on the banks of a lake with mystical meandering backwaters that create their own magical effect is a perfect location. Check out the Raviz Resorts and Spa located on the banks of the majestic Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam. The lakeside here has inspired many a poet to expound on its romantic beauty and relating it to a spot ideal for lovers’ trysts.

Why not make this your engagement party destination. At the Raviz resort and Spa in Kollam, you can either organize your party outdoors on the spacious lawns with views of the beautiful blue-green lake waters all around amid the flowering shrubs and coconut groves. Or you could take the party indoors into any of the party halls, depending on the number of guests you have. The party halls here are designed to hold guests from about 150 to a whopping 1,200!

The staff is very experienced too in matters of arranging large theme-based parties and can get all the hard work done for decorating and organizing your engagement party needs. The cooks can arrange fine cuisine dining of your choice, be it North Indian, South Indian, Chinese or continental. Accommodation here isn’t a problem either as sufficient stylishly-appointed rooms are available with ample car-parking area.

If your heart desires, the resort can even arrange a large traditional houseboat for the party so that you can be cruising on the silent waters of Ashtamudi during that momentous occasion when you exchange rings!

An engagement couldn’t get more romantic than this surely!