Engagement Planning Ideas - The Raviz Ashtamudi

Found your match made in heaven yet?

Here’s what you should consider when you plan your engagement. Read along to plan the perfect engagement to start your journey with your partner.

The destination would be the first thing in your list.

Getting the destination right

It could be a calm, scenic environment that is as beautiful as the bond the two of you share. Or, it could be the outdoors where you could decorate it to your theme OR get a beautiful hall, pick a theme and create your own world in there.

Tip: With an offer of a panoramic view of the serene and surpassingly beautiful backwaters of Kerala, The Raviz hotels spread across four different destinations in the state is quite charming for both indoor and outdoor events with a view. Do consider.

Pick a location and take your partner there to plan a perfect theme for your much-awaited beginning. The staff at the hotels are available for consultation to help you arrange an elegant stage for your engagement at The Raviz.

Painting the picture of your destination

If you are looking for a calm scene away from the city, surrounded by the beautiful waters with the lush green in the backdrop, The Raviz at Ashatmudi is your place. If you want the view of the blues and the sound of the waves to bless your occasion, The The Raviz Kovalam at Kovalam is your spot. Want to mix a little tradition and culture from the yesteryears? The Raviz Kadavu, a mansion inspired by the Nallukettu style of architecture nestled on the banks of the legendary Chaliyar River is just the paradise you’re seeking. Another desirable location for the lovely occasion would The Raviz at Calicut with fine facilities and infrastructure, all designed to give you memories to cherish.

Remember, once you pick your destination, it’s all about the lights and colour that would brighten up the theme of the stage.

The next main thing is to design and accessorize your stage.

Engagement Theme

The theme and decoration can be aesthetically manipulated with colours and lights. The Raviz premises, both in the halls and outdoors, facilitate a highly versatile scope for lighting and decoration. Go crazy on the decor but keep it classy!

Now, go take the first step together to get hitched!