Getting it Right with Outdoor Weddings

Marriages are made in heaven, and the current trend these days is to get outdoors and marry right under the heavenly skies! More and more couples are opting out of the traditional indoor weddings and taking the show to where they feel more comfortable….it could be the beach, a mountain top, a field or even underwater! To them it’s all about romance in the beauty of natural landscapes and awesome scenery to add a greater dimension to their special day; after all, it’s the memories that are leftover from that special day that have to last them a lifetime, so they need to be extra special!

However, do note that outdoor weddings are a major challenge to organize and aren’t as easy as it feels when attending someone else’s outdoor wedding! There are additional caveats and pitfalls that you have to tide over to enable you shine on your wedding day if you have opted for an outdoor celebration of your love. Arrangements for the weddings can sometimes get complicated as you try to include all that tradition dictates; however with the outdoor ceremonies, you need to compromise and improvise a little bit to make the wedding what you want it to be. It doesn’t necessarily have to include all the things you read on someone else’s checklist!

The most important factor to look into for an outdoor wedding is naturally, the weather! Once you have planned on a location, and a time of the day, you need to have a very close-up idea of what the weather is expected to be like during the time of your wedding. Accordingly, you can start planning on the facilities and amenities that will be required for the set-up. Too much of sunshine, wind or the final spoilsport- rain, can ruin all the months of planning and efforts you have been putting in; so there should always be a close-by plan B to fall back on.

Think in terms of planning on a light-colored awning or tent-type of arrangement that can make-up for any weather mishaps. Also, large standing fans would be really handy to keep your guests cool and comfortable as well as arranging for a standby generator in case of power outage.

If planning your wedding on a beach, remember to arrange for a sound system with clip-on mikes so that your guests can hear you say the magical ‘I do’ words even over the din of the crashing waves and screaming children. Your music band should be able to arrange this. Beaches usually come with high-end restaurants so you should be able to get one of them to cater the feast for the wedding. Most importantly, rest rooms would also be taken care of this way!

Plan on floral arrangements such that they don’t get to sit in the heat for too long as they will wilt. Arrange concealed lighting as well as bright spotlights to create a magical effect for the night party. In some areas, you might need to get bug zappers to keep pesky insects away, or even get the place spray misted for a better solution.

With all these tips, your outdoor wedding should come out perfectly, leaving you with a mountain of beautiful memories to build on!