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Marriages are made in heaven and what better way to create the first few memories of your togetherness than in the ‘Lovers Paradise’. Kerala surely is the place to be in if you are looking for a romantic holiday destination with your better half. Crowned as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, it’s blessed with numerous romantic destinations for the discerning couple to spend some quiet and quality time together after the hectic time spent preparing for the wedding. In this soothing paradise, your love will sprout stronger bonding, better memories and more tenderness. And experiencing it first hand is the only way to believe in it!

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage vows in seclusion in some exotic or romantic location or the other. Interestingly, this custom for newlyweds originated in Britain during the nineteenth century, when well-to-do upper class couples would go on a ‘bridal tour’. But in those days, some friends or family members also used to accompany the couple and visit relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. Doesn’t sound very romantic, but things have changed for the better now and couples can enjoy their intimate moments alone. This privacy is believed to ease the comfort zone needed for a greater physical relationship and to establish love.

Kerala is one of the finest destinations in the world for honeymooners, owing to its rich cultural heritage, abounding natural beauty and the genuine hospitality of its peace-loving people. Kollam in Kerala has innumerable attractions to delight the toughest hearts and offers moonlit nights cruising down the backwaters of Ashtamudi Lake, innumerable monuments as well as the amazing beach bum life. The eyes never tire of admiring the lush green plantation covered hills, dazzling white beaches, swaying palm trees and the lazy backwaters with their extravagant houseboats that offer a complete romantic escapade.

Kollam is well connected to the rest of India with an efficient rail and road network. For those planning to come in by air, the Trivandrum International Airport is just 70 km away from all the paradise that Kollam city and its surroundings have to offer. Though many hotels abound in this city to cater to the tourist’s tastes, the five star Raviz hotel is a must-stay for honeymooners as they are given preferential treatment and all the facilities to make their stay a romantic one.

For some reason best known to Mother Nature, there is a lot of romance attached to water-based locations. A houseboat cruise on the Ashtamudi Lake is like the ice cream on the cake for honeymooners as it has all the makings of an exclusive romantic experience. These wooden boats, locally known as ‘Kettuvallam’ come with all the facilities of a star accommodation with fully appointed bedrooms and bathrooms and an open lounge where you and your spouse can indulge in private bonding time as the boat glides over the serene waters of the lake and its numerous channels. A cook is onboard to prepare fresh meals to take care of the appetites of the newlyweds. With the backdrop of picturesque green hills and blue-green waters, a romantic holiday in the exclusive environment of the lake is a must for every couple to rejoice and rejuvenate their relationships. Tranquil evenings spent in the lounge as you share the spectacular sunsets over the lake are another bonus to these cruises through the mystical backwaters. You can glimpse passing signs of villages and towns amid the dense greenery and the swaying palm trees. Enjoy the fresh cool breeze blowing off the surface of the lake and the abundant new species of birds and plants as you glide along. The numerous islands in this lake create a romantic illusion of isolation and rural life. Their mini forests and bamboo groves are a sight for sore eyes. These luxurious cruises can spoil the honeymooners as all their needs are taken care of in the private domain of the houseboat. All that is left for you to do is snuggle up to your partner as the boat takes you on the journey of a lifetime!

Aside from the Ashtamudi Lake and its backwaters, there are numerous pristine beaches located nearby where you can enjoy nature at its best. Kollam beach is great for paddling in while the Thirumullavaram beach is a secluded small beach where swimming in the azure waters of the Arabian Sea becomes a pleasure. Hang a hammock and spend the day sharing coconut drinks while lazing in the shade or you could just enjoy a romantic walk on the beautiful beaches.

Whatever the activity, the romantic quotient of your honeymoon is only going to increase, as long as it is in the lush natural beauty of Kerala, the ‘Lovers Paradise’.