Indoor vs Outdoor Weddings - The Raviz

The first step to planning a wedding is whether it should be a big event or just family, whether it should be indoors or outdoors. Most brides cherish the romance in getting married under the open skies; the fresh air and natural beauty of the outdoors is increasingly becoming the trend with the beach or countryside being some of the preferred locations. While alfresco weddings are trending, the fact remains that organizing indoors weddings are always easier. Both types are doable but the outdoor venues do come with certain risks and higher stress levels.
Regardless of which venue you choose, your dream wedding can be achieved even if there are positives and negatives to arranging it.
Outdoor Weddings – Any outdoor ceremony is at the mercy of the weather and it is the couple’s duty to make sure their guests are adequately taken care of. It’s crucial that a tent be provided for protection. Even in the best of conditions, it may be needed to keep the guests from overheating, or the flowers from wilting or from the food going bad from staying out in the sun too long. Furthermore, the tent can be heated or air-conditioned depending on what’s the need of the hour.

To get the maximum benefit of the outdoors, the tent can be left open from the sides if the weather is perfect. A closed tent set-up can also be embellished up to produce a beautiful atmosphere by providing custom-made flower walls and arches, especially behind the clergy during the ceremony; this creates a romantic outdoor feel to the whole ceremony. There will however be added expenses with outdoor settings as an artificial floor will have to be provided since no one wants their heels sinking into an uneven ground and spoiling their best shoes!

Everything said and done, outdoor settings might turn out to be a tad bit expensive as other considerations like mobile restrooms would have to be provided as well as generators to power up the lighting and air-conditioning systems. And to top it all, the weather factor is always a very dicey one and could play spoilsport. In such a case, a Plan B has to be on the anvil too just in case Plan A backfires! But with proper planning, an outdoor wedding can also be pulled off successfully.
Indoor Weddings – There is nothing like certainty to keep your special day stress-free. An indoor wedding eliminates any chances of weather or any other element from interfering in the perfect execution of your wedding day activities. The best part of an indoor ceremony is that the space can be transformed into whatever theme the couple can dream up of; even an outdoor tropical island theme can be created if the blissful couple so desire! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating lavish sceneries to go with the mood of the ceremony. Catering isn’t a hassle and the danger of food going bad doesn’t exist in an air-conditioned environment. The only headache for an indoor wedding would be getting the favored hall booked in time for the wedding.
Celebrating indoors definitely works out more conveniently, both on the pocket as well as on the mind; and since a wedding should be a once in a lifetime experience, organize it in a way that creates the least stress!

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