Advantages of Hosting a Destination Wedding

Once you and your spouse have fixed the wedding date and venue, it’s that special time to start planning on the honeymoon; this is that romantic time when couples really start to get to know one another and enjoy quality time alone with no chances of a third party barging in! It’s better to plan in advance so that you have enough time to find a mutually agreeable place and make the reservations.

Kerala has a variety of different locales that make it a tad difficult to decide on where to choose to stay. And a honeymoon has to be a unique experience to leave you with beautiful memories to last you a lifetime. Aside from the beaches which are now becoming passé, Kerala offers scenic lakes and backwaters for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of crowds. The emerald greenery, the blue-green backwaters and the swaying coconut trees form a perfect background to the crimson sunsets that create a magical ambience all around the backwaters. Such natural beauty never fails to awaken the romantic streak existing in all of us.

Kerala is blessed with plenty of lakes, lagoons and islands all interconnected by meandering waterways that have inspired many a poet and photographer from trying to capture its verdant beauty. Ashtamudi Lake, the second largest lake in Kerala and is known as the gateway to the backwaters and is one of the most idyllic places to go to for a private getaway amidst the unparalleled beauty of this serene locality. Kollam city sits on the eastern banks of this long lake and is the point from where you can hire boats for a closer look at the lake; the best way to experience the stunning essence of the lake is to take a backwater cruise and no ride is better than the houseboat for honeymooning couple. An exclusive ride just for you and your spouse in a spacious traditional boat fitted with all modern facilities including a cook and guide to make the perfect setting for cupid to strike.

As you cruise silently down the serene waters, the splash of the oars and the startled flights of spectacular water birds as they take to the air are all that will disturb you from your absorption in each other. You can let the cook know the type of cuisine you prefer and the rest is all your time! Special candlelit dinners are provided on the deck for honeymooners for that extra romantic effect to make your trip even more memorable.

Numerous small islands exist in the lake and you can even stop and visit some of them and enjoy the rural culture emanating from the simple village-life found here. The dappled sunlight peeping through the greenery as you pass through the channels creates an awe-inspiring effect on the visitor, but no words are ever enough to describe the myriad of natural beauty found here, it just needs to be experienced!

Numerous backwater resorts are available in Kollam city where you can book into special honeymoon suites. The Raviz hotel offers amazing facilities to honeymooners and is an ideal place to stay in. Getting to Kollam city is easy as it’s just a 70km scenic drive away from Trivandrum international airport.