Thusharagiri Waterfalls - Calicut

It is said that God must have been in a really good mood when he created Kerala. This southern state in India is truly blessed with a bounty of natural beauty that leaves you speechless. There are numerous sparkling beaches, magical meandering backwaters, chilly hills blanketed with tea plantations, eco-tourism, and wildlife sanctuaries as well as numerous lakes and waterfalls.

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is blessed with numerous scenic spots that invite you to come to explore this area. The Thusharagiri waterfalls are located a barely 50km-scenic drive away from the city.

An amazing trek across various spice plantations takes you to the Thusharagiri waterfalls enfolded within the creases of the scenic Western Ghats. The word ‘Thusharagiri’ literally translates to ‘mist-capped peaks’ and refers to the silvery crown that forms at the top of the hill. Thusharagiri waterfalls actually comprise of three waterfalls all located close together. These include the Erattumukku waterfalls which are at a distance of 100m from the entrance followed by Mazhavil waterfalls located about 500m away and the Thumbithullumpara waterfalls which are around 1km away.

The sight of these majestic waterfalls cascading away from a great height amid the thunderous applause arising is mind riveting. The sight of the milky white foaming, splashing water is a sight to behold as your senses soak in this splendor of Mother Nature. You can easily spend the whole day here enjoying splashing in the cold mountain waters as they slowly flow away, forming the Chalippuzha River. You could plan for a picnic and have fun here with friends or family. Since the Thusharagiri waterfall is located in Kozhencherry village, you can easily buy basic necessities as well as souvenirs here.

There is unlimited scope for enjoying trekking through the mysterious forests here, visiting the wildlife sanctuaries and going rock climbing. You can easily hire a guide to show you the best trekking routes where you can get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see beautiful birds, butterflies and other animals, all in their natural habitat. Go home with beautiful memories of mist-clad peaks, gurgling streams and magnificent waterfalls, all in the backdrop of lush woods and plantations.

Since the waterfall never dries, the best time to visit is in the September–December period when the monsoon has receded somewhat. Thusharagiri waterfalls are about 50km away from Kozhikode railway station and have great road accessibility too. Tourists can also fly in through the Calicut International Airport. A number of good hotels are easily available here. Try The Raviz Calicut hotel, rated as one of the best hotels in Calicut city.