sunset at kollam beach

Sunlight, the most precious gold to be found on earth, yet we lose it at the end of each day as night takes over. The stars take their place on the dark curtain of the sky, the leaves hush down their rustling and everything becomes shadowy and still. It’s that mystical moment in time when day and night meet fleetingly and twilight takes its magical place on the not yet darkened horizons….a time when anything can happen, anything can be believed in; a merging that can offer the beholder the most enchanting moments of the twenty four hour-day. The colors of the sunset can arouse all manners of yearnings and passions in the soul of the beholder. It’s like the first stab of love, a blaze of colors….shades of orange, purple and pink….

There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, yet there is never one sunrise or sunset that is the same….it’s one of nature’s amazing free gifts to mankind! Sunset is the fiery goodbye kiss of the sun to another night of darkness; a setting sun which no candle can replace.

Being able to witness the spectacle of sunset from the spacious Kollam beach is an unbelievable experience, a privilege of sorts. This beach is also known as the Mahatama Gandhi Beach, and is located in Kollam city in the beautiful green state of Kerala in southern India. It was inaugurated way back in 1961 by the then Vice President, Zakir Hussain and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Kollam is one of the oldest port cities along the Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea and was once an active harbor for Chinese ships and trading. The Chinese fishing nets, Chinese water pots and sampan-like boats can still be seen by the beach even today. Kollam Port is also important for the international cashew trade. Before independence, Kollam was a favorite settlement location for the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English. Aside from the trade opportunities, the lush greenery, beautiful beaches and waterways, as well as the abundance of seafood, were an added bonus for these foreigners.

An evening at the Kollam beach is an ideal way to get rid of the rigors of the day. It can be equally enjoyed by families, couples, or loners, as there is something for everyone to do. There is the Mahatma Gandhi Park nearby for kids to enjoy in, while small stalls and eateries serving authentic, local food dot the walkways for those feeling peckish. And then of course, there is the majestic sunset to marvel at. There is ample parking space for vehicles there and numerous hotels, including The Raviz hotel, abound not too far from the beach. The nearest railway station is just about 4kms away while the Trivandrum International Airport is a pleasant 68km drive from there.

Kollam beach is wide, long and spacious, and it’s a pleasure to walk on the white sandy beaches during the evenings when the balmy breeze is blowing and a myriad of colors paint the sky as the sun slowly dips over the horizon. This beach offers a perfect 180 degrees panoramic view of the Arabian Sea….a soothing sight of surf and sand and cool waters as we dip our feet in the sea.

A great place to just relax and sit and allow your mind to wander as you gaze mesmerized into the sunset. Except for Sundays, when the beach is a little crowded, evenings spent at the Kollam beach, are an ideal way to end the day. The soothing colors of the sunset are a balm to our tired souls as we unwind our inner turmoil with this nature cure. It helps us realize the majesty of our universe and how small our problems actually are by comparison. It’s a must-visit location for all those craving to watch the sunset at its best, as well as an opportunity for those trying out their hands at capturing nature on their lenses.

A sunset over the Kollam beach should never be wasted, but be admired by all those who have the chance to get there. Who knows, some of your happiest moments just might be found there!