Destiantion Weddings - Water-themed Weddings in Kerala

People are fed-up of the same old traditional wedding venues and are now getting more adventurous and heading outdoors for their special day. And with water being something that catches everyone’s eye, water-themed weddings are now the in-thing.

Kerala is the best place to head to if you are looking for a water-themed wedding where there is no paucity of golden beaches, lakes and lagoons, waterfalls or serene backwaters. The rich cultural heritage, the amazing cuisine as well as the abundance of natural beauty make Kerala one of the most-preferred destinations in India for water-themed weddings. While the beach is now becoming passé, with many people having beach-themed weddings, there is, however, one location still that hasn’t garnered much attention as a wedding destination – and that’s Kerala’s famous backwaters.

Kollam is the city to head to if you are looking for a backwaters wedding scenario as it’s located on the banks of the great Ashtamudi Lake and backwaters. This scenic lake is riddled with numerous romantic-looking islands and its backwaters are one of the most visited in Kerala and popular with honeymooners. A wedding here makes it one of the most exotic venues for that special day when you say ‘I do’.

The purpose of a water-themed destination wedding is to get away from all the stress of arranging a traditional large wedding with half the guests being people you hardly know! Your wedding day should be peaceful and fun-filled with only your family and close friends around for sharing in your joy. A theme wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city should be a cocktail of an exciting vacation with your loved ones as well as an exclusive wedding celebration.

Kollam is perfect in every way for a water-themed wedding with the enchanting Raviz hotel situated on the banks of the grand Ashtamudi Lake. This hotel is a blend of ultra-modern facilities paired-up with the typical warmth of the Kerala people. The rich Kerala-style ambience along with the huge gardens and open lawns on the banks of the lake make for a picturesque wedding setting. Or you could opt for their floating restaurant which offers spectacular views of the lake and its serene green surroundings as the waves lap gently on the sides.

Better still, you could head to any of the three islands on the lake that the Raviz owns and have an amazingly exclusive wedding party there – with firecrackers or wish lanterns over the lake – all arranged courtesy of the hotel! All this followed by a romantic honeymoon cruise down the backwaters in the hotel’s fully air-conditioned wooden houseboats – making it the perfect cherry atop the ice-cream!