This is a world renowned pilgrim centre, built by Mata Amritanandamayi Mutt, and is known for the ancient Indian ideal ‘the whole world is one family.’ It is the headquarters of Amma’s worldwide mission and spiritual home for her monastic disciples and millions of devotees. It is here Amma was born and grew up. Thousands of devotees throng the centre every day and vow to lead a spiritual life in their effort to find solace from the vexing problems of materialistic world. The centre advocates piety and peace for the whole world and appeals to everyone to renounce as much worldly pleasures as possible to attain salvation or mukti. Amma, whenever she is available at the mutt, gives darshan to all her devotees irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Millions have had a sense of direction in their lives after meeting Amma. Her presence and words radiate grace and give out lasting consolation to hundreds of thousands of men and women from across the globe.

Amritapuri - Places to Visit in Kollam