This two-storeyed palace is situated at Asramam in Kollam. Built in the European-Indian-Tuscan architectural style, the palace is a historical landmark of the place. Today it is the government guest house and is close to the old airport in the city. It was built during the Travancore era by Gowri Parvati Bayi. Atop the building there is a crown with a lion seated on it, with the motto Dieu et mon Droit (God and my right) inscribed above. The entrance doors are made up of glass panes. The conference hall in the palace has an antechamber with an adjustable partition-like door while a large fanlight arching over divides the two rooms. The building has rich wooden flooring on the upper storey. A motif of a large arch with an ornamental keystone, resting on pillars is embossed over the main doorway. The building is a testimony to the ancient architectural prowess and royal elegance.