The Mahatma Gandhi Beach in Kollam is remarkably clean and vast and absorbs the entire beauty of the Arabian Sea. It is often quiet and less crowded during weekdays but busy and active during weekends. The park in Kollam is yet another most frequented place for leisure and fun. The statue of a Seated Mermaid facing the sea is an interesting sight at Kollam beach. The sea here is very deep even near the shore and therefore swimming is a risky business. Those who still want to dare the waves can seek support from the life guard outpost on the beach. 


It is splendid to watch the sunset from the beach here and even more romantic to observe the silent transition of day into a quiet night.


  • Kite flying 
  • Leisure in the nearby park 
  • Travel to Kollam market about 1.5km away from the beach. It normally includes purchase of high quality cashews and great variety of Indian spices such as cardamom, clove, nutmeg, ginger etc. 
  • Shopping at brand outlets
KOLLAM BEACH - Places to Visit in Kerala