Palaruvi waterfall is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Kerala cascading from a height of 300 feet. It is a spellbinding experience to travel to the waterfall through the dense tropical forests. Palaruvi is said to be a ‘horsetail fall.’ Recognised as the 32nd highest waterfall in India, it is across the Kallada River in Kollam. The falling water is believed to possess medicinal qualities of the herbal plants from the mountains. A bath in it is refreshing and leaves a soothing effect on the entire physical system of a person. The area is less crowded and neatly maintained. The trip to the fall offers a panoramic view of the beautiful location around.


The enveloping silence of the forest and chilling water from the mountains will linger in the minds for a very long time. A trip to Palaruvi will be an experience extraordinaire.


  •  Trekking 
  • Sight-seeing
  • Waterfall bath 
PALARUVI FALLS - Places to Visit in Kerala