Swimming Pool - The Raviz Kadavu Activities


With a rush of adrenaline and tons of fun-filled activities for the kids, The Raviz Kadavu offers endless options. Come, have fun.


Embark on a journey of tranquility aboard the Shikara cruise on the captivating River Chaliyar, where every bend reveals a new treasure. Surrender to the rhythmic flow of the water, immersing yourself in the natural beauty around The Raviz Kadavu. Feel the essence of local culture with each passing moment. Rates starting from just Rs. 3000.
For bookings and further information, please contact our travel desk/guest relations.


To swim or not to swim? When in doubt, take a dip in the crystal clear blue waters of our hygienic and well-maintained pool. Swim your worries and stress away. Go splashing in the water, or just relax by the pool with the gentle breeze caressing you. Life, by the pool, is indeed relaxing. And trust us, you will never regret the experience. Come, splash the day away at The Raviz Kadavu.


A good cycle ride fixes everything. It is relaxing, it is invigorating and it is an ideal way to connect with the culture around you. And what’s more, it is an awesome way to flex those muscles that have been cramped up at workplaces. Pedal out, take in the sights and sounds around you, pause and make friends. Know that the difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations around The Raviz Kadavu and just ride.


This ‘strike and pocket’ game is a level playing field that gives all the players an equal opportunity! Challenge your family or friends and try your luck at the table! The fun part is, it is such an easy game to play! Even small kids love to try their hand at it. Can you think of a better way to spend some quality time away from the gadgets? We can’t! Make each moment of your vacation count when you stay with us at The Raviz Kadavu.


Work up some sweat, bond over a game – the TT table is the place for some unlimited fun. Flex those muscles, sprint some, hit the ball and score 11 points before your opponent does. The secret lies in the different spins you bring to the ball! You have to be on your toes, and quick in your reflexes – and it is relaxing too! Try out the TT table at The Raviz Kadavu for some unique experiences.


Did you think hitting the bulls-eye is an easy task? Try again, it is a pretty tough game. It is challenging as well as a great way to spend some time with your buddies. Don’t make buckshot, hit the black-hat at every try! We tell you how to do it and more when you join us for a dart game at The Raviz Kadavu.


Double dribble, box out, free-throw, are you a basketball fan? We have the perfect venue for your team! Stop gaping and walk into our well-equipped basketball court. Challenge your friends to a friendly match, and know that no one is bigger than the team, keep egos at bay and play on. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome team building event? Try our facility now.


Badminton requires a lot of control, strength, mind play and measured movement. It is a lot like ballet dancing, but it is your attitude that makes you a winner or a loser in this game. Doubles or single – it needs stamina, intelligence, and technique. Find a partner, and play. Try out our facility for an awesome game. You can also introduce your kids to this wonderful game during your stay at The Raviz Kadavu.


How agile are you in the water? Can you swim and tread in the pool? Are you a good team player? Are you good at tactical thinking? If you answer on the affirmative for most of the above questions, slip on your swimming wear and dive in for a game of water polo during your stay at The The The Raviz Kadavu. It is entertaining and invigorating at the same time. And it is an ideal team-building event. Don’t miss the chance.


You cannot think of a safer way to introduce your kids to archery! Soft archery games are a series of a selection of games that use soft foam-tipped arrows to shoot over or at any targets and a variety of different obstacles. It is ideal for kids, it is ideal for small groups and team building events! Check out our well-equipped soft archery games during your stay at The Raviz Kadavu.


Strategy, agility and tons of precision, Billiards is a collection of games that cover a wide gamut of cue sports. It is fun, it is invigorating and it is time-consuming. If you know the rules of the game, come try your luck at the billiards table. Challenge your friend or teach them the basics when you stay with us at The Raviz Kadavu.


They say a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office. We couldn’t agree more. Grab a pole, pick up some bait and catch some fish. The pristine waters of the Chaliyar river that flows just beyond The Raviz Kadavu beckons. Enjoy the tranquility and the rustic village life. You can ask for tips from the friendly neighborhood fisherman too.


Jump up, bounce down, it’s time to trampoline. Let your kids play. This will give your kids a lot of fun-filled moments. Sit back and enjoy life’s small joys while searching for the big ones. After all, that is what a vacation is all about, right? Spare some time, keep your mobile phones away and watch out for your kids bouncing up and about on the trampoline.


Chat, share, enjoy – if that is how you love it, gather your friends around and come, check out our hookah bar. The ambiance is relaxing and offers complete privacy. And what’s more, we promise a lot of fun moments over a good shisha at The Raviz Kadavu. This is a value-added service and you will have to pay Rs 1099 for a single flavor and Rs 1299 for mixed flavor.

*On Chargeable Basis