The Raviz Ashtamudi Anchal Mana


A 300-year old ancient heritage structure called ‘Mana’, a traditional Brahmin home was also transposed from Anchal to the Ashtamudi property stone by stone. It is another interesting option for honeymooning couples to make the once-in-a-lifetime experience memorable.

Influenced by the Nallukettu style of architecture of Kerala, this traditional house at The Raviz Ashtamudi is a pristine representation of the history and culture of Kerala.

The Poomukham, which is the prime portico soon after the steps to the house, offers a panoramic view to the courtyard that’s adorned in lush green. Combined with a touch of blue, the poomukham gives you a view of a cozy pool on the side of the cottage. The age-old easy chair made in wood adds to the beauty of the spacious courtyard.

The cottage is a blend of a traditional lifestyle striking a balance with the amenities of the modern life. Equipped with a mini fridge and complimentary wifi to give you an exquisite experience at the hands of tradition.

The bedroom set in the royal hues of brown, golden yellow and green transcends you to experience the essence from the yesteryears. Feel the wooden walls and furniture as you lay back and cherish the unique experience at Anchal. The old, traditional flooring is always cool to soothe your feet as you saunter through the rooms of the cottage.

The diwan, or the long couch-like furniture, set beside the window of the old house gives you a panoramic view of the outdoors. You could contemplate life or reminisce your childhood in the tones set by a cottage of a bygone era.

The best choice for family and newlyweds, this cottage, along with its unique experience, also offers a thirty-minute yoga session to rejuvenate at the banks of Ashtamudi and also, a boat ride through serene backwaters of Ashtamudi.