The Raviz Ashtamudi Eerattupetta Stay


Planning a backwater honeymoon to Kerala and not sure where to stay? Eerattupetta at the premises of The Raviz Ashtamudi is your perfect bet. It offers you all the privacy and the antiquity. Eerattupetta is a 200-year old structure that has been successfully transposed from Eerattupetta to the premises of The Raviz Ashtamudi. The designs and the material have been retained to keep the authentic flavor alive and utmost care have been taken to give to the true look and feel of the place.

In its rustic features, this old house gloriously stands amidst the greens highlighting the hues of brown from the walls and pillars stretching across the verandah. With the intricate and beautiful designs on the walls of the house, it reflects the rich culture and tradition of an era over two centuries ago.

With a beautiful blend of a contemporary and traditional lifestyle, Eerattupetta is the perfect choice for a memorable getaway. Equipped with a king size bed, two grand tubs, an open bath, a mini fridge, and Wi-Fi connection to facilitate the modern lifestyle – it is an experience that will remain etched in your minds. A sound experience of a different era is given to you with all the luxuries of the modern lifestyle.

Ideal for family and honeymooners, this cottage offers a thirty-minute boat ride on the backwaters of Ashtamudi and also, a complimentary yoga session for you to stretch and relax taking in the scenic view of Ashtamudi.