During one of his business trips three years ago, Dr. Ravi Pillai visited a popular Indian restaurant in London. He was so overwhelmed by the taste and presentation of Indian cuisine that he wanted to meet the chef. He was introduced to chef Mr. Suresh Pillai and to his surprise, during the course of the conversation, they discovered that they both hailed from Chavara, Kollam. They shared a passion for giving the best of their experience and expertise to Kerala and fellow Keralites. Chef Suresh Pillai was then invited to join hands with The Raviz, to promote Kerala cuisines and Food experience across the globe. The chef had some personal commitments and agreed to join for this common cause, which he also secretly cherished. After 3 years, Mr. Suresh Pillai has come back to his homeland to start off a new journey with us. From now we will see our delicacies like Karimeen and Jackfruit get the prime focus to bring foodies around the world to our God’s Own Country! Chef Suresh Pillai joins Raviz Hotels & Resorts as Corporate Head Speciality Cuisine and Executive Chef at The Raviz Ashtamudi. Mr Suresh Pillai has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in London who has participated in BBC’s MasterChef 2017.

Our food is not going to be the same as it was… From homely recipe to best of Kerala & Indian cuisines. Your culinary trail starts now…Come, savor his magical creations when you dine at The Raviz!!

MP Shri N.K Premachandran and MLA Mukesh launching the Karimeen Club along with Master Chef Suresh Pillai and Dr B Ravi Pillai